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Well I picked her up - I'm still smiling!
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Default Well I picked her up - I'm still smiling! - 12th July 2014, 08:26 PM

So the S5 went yesterday and I picked up the Mini at 3pm today and just spent the afternoon hooning about and getting to grips with the car.

This thing is quick - really it is! I am so surprised what has been achieved with a little 1.6 turbo engine. It's such a blast to drive. It really comes into it's own once you have the sport mode on and dsc+traction off as you can actually control the spin between gears (without the computer kicking in) and I found my arms were actually aching from keeping it in a straight line through the bumpy lanes. What a blast.

A couple of points though. The brakes - I'm really unimpressed with them especially since I tested the GP2 brakes. Are the fJCW ones really that different? If they are 4 pots and the mini is so light they should be putting my face through the windscreen but even the S5 single piston calipers were much more powerful and that was a much heavier car. Do they need the pads skimming if the previous owner drove it too gently? The brakes look fairly new but it is only 28k miles. The brake dust I got off of them today is also quite orange/red - is that normal?

I have also noticed a rattle (quite audible) when shifting down, around 1.5-3k revs? It rattles as the revs climb. Is this normal or is it the dreaded timing chain? All under BMW warranty so I can take it back if there are any issues.

I plugged in an iPod and it came up on the visual boost but no audio - do I need both the ipod cable and the audio jack? Why is that if so? No bluetooth audio streaming which is a shame. How do I get Mini Connected for the Go-Pro and other bits and pieces?

Other than that it's epic, but I can hardly see out the windscreen because of all the bugs ha ha. And they are splattered all over the B pillars too as I had the windows down.

I think it will need a little more power and some better brakes before I can really hold it on it's limits, but I'd forgotten how much fun it was hammering about in a manual. Clutch and brakes smelling when you get home It still managed 14.8MPG for my first drive which is fairly respectable when you consider the S5 would be around 8-10 on the same run. Used a quarter of a tank too ha ha! I've never tracked any of my cars before but they've never felt so capable. I think I'm going to have a go on a trackday in the Mini!

Obligatory post-hoon driveway photo:

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Default 12th July 2014, 08:34 PM

Very nice. Glad you're enjoying it.

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Default 12th July 2014, 09:55 PM

She's looking very nice indeed
Brake wise I've got a jcw and I think there great nearly put you through the windscreen and our wheels normally look brown/grey when dirty !!
Enjoy your new jcw

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Well I picked her up - I'm still smiling!
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Default Well I picked her up - I'm still smiling! - 12th July 2014, 11:03 PM

Looks great.

Likewise the brakes on mine I find fine.


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Default 13th July 2014, 05:52 AM

Orange/red brake dust suggests the previous owner changed pads, at least from the OEM pads. The OEM pads should see the car stopping sharply.

Your upgrade options are legion.

I assume you have found the MiniTorque forum? If not, that would be a far better place to go for advice on brakes.
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Default 13th July 2014, 06:10 AM

I can certainly echo how much you need to hang on on a bumpy road! Not that the car is bad but even with non-RFs it is not super smooth and there is always the feeling that it might spit you into the scenery makes it fun though right?

The brakes feel really good to me with no fade at all, so check both then pad material and also see if the fluid needs bleeding as well.

6 months into owning my car I love every minute, despite the random buzzes from the dash and the slightly dead steering feel.

Enjoy the new car mate!
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Default 13th July 2014, 08:02 AM

You've probably just had new discs fitted when it went through its AUC. You need the bed them in otherwise they'll warp & you'll have quite abit of steering wobble when breaking, thus meaning you'll need to replace them again.

If they are new you will have to do gentle breaking for about 100-200 miles.

2013 FJCW in Chilli Red & Carbon
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Default 13th July 2014, 08:05 AM

Glad your having fun already - the fun never goes away in the fJCWs !
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Default 13th July 2014, 09:00 AM

My brakes are the same really disappointing but hopefully new discs pads hoses n fluid shud do the job, when funds allow it :-( nice looks jcw btw love he john cooper sig on the strips

One life frazzell it
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Well I picked her up - I'm still smiling!
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Default Well I picked her up - I'm still smiling! - 13th July 2014, 04:28 PM

Brakes are really good

It's probably the transition between the Audi and the mini in a few days you will not notice
If you drive anything in the range that has not got Brembos you will see how weak the rest are
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