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10,000 miles report. 2013 CM Cooper SD ALL4
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Default 10,000 miles report. 2013 CM Cooper SD ALL4 - 12th September 2014, 06:11 PM

We've reached the milestone of 10k miles on our 2013 CM Cooper SD ALL4 so time for a report on how we are finding it. So far it’s been trouble free compared to our 2011 CM's early days of ownership, as expected with any launch of a new model there were number of recalls on our 2011 CM and we can remember the numerous letters/telephone calls from our dealership asking us to bring the CM for these types of recall repairs, on our ALL4 pleased to say none at all! This is our fourth year of MINI ownership and perhaps we have been lucky but we are really happy not only with the MINI product but the service we have been receiving from our local dealer compared to previous brands we have owned over the years, so much so, we can’t see moving to any other brand in the future.

On the ALL4 ownership, we were slightly worried with the increase on the running costs by trading in our very reliable and economical 2011 CM to the ALL4 but surprisingly fuel consumption, insurance, road tax hasn’t burnt a large hole in our pockets.

Build Quality
We have a buzz coming from the passenger door but don’t notice it most of the time with the radio playing. Overall build quality has improved, better feel to the plastics around the air vents and the central console. Also, there were signs of rust on various parts of the engine components on our earlier CM, especially, on the water pump and the nut holding the wipers but with our ALL4 all the metal is protected with plastic shields.

Paint Quality
As before no problems compared to our earlier model and it seems to be resistant against stone chips.

Alloys and tyres
Our favourite alloys are the 18” Turbo Fans in silver with center plates which conceals the wheel nuts that are prone to rusting. Runflats are essential for us, especially, with our motorway use. We don’t find the ride harsh and riding on Goodyear Efficient Grip (225/45 91v r18) tyres provides us with a long wear rate. For replacements, we find Blackcircle offer the best prices.

Oil Consumption
Unlike our previous VW Golfs and Beetles, I’m impressed how little the BMW diesel engines consume oil. I check on a regular basis and I haven’t added a drop.

Fuel Consumption
Maybe due to the fact that most of our driving is on the motorway now, the average we are finding is between 48 to 53mpg on the 2.0SD ALL4 which isn’t that far from the mpg we were experiencing with our previous 1.6D 2 wheel drive. If you are considering the diesel ALL4 the SD is the best, as others have said on the forum the Cooper D ALL4 struggles and fuel consumption will be higher. Also be wary of petrol/diesel ALL4s built before MY2013 (those are the models which have the window switches on the central console rather than on the door) these were prone to early clutch failure. ALL4s built from the September 2012 received a revised clutch assembly.

Road Handling
We never complained about acceleration in our 2011 CM but even though our 2013 CM is ALL4, acceleration is even better. Also, we have standard suspension on the ALL4 and it rides a lot smoother compared to all our previous makes and models.

A must for us, our 2011 CM had the vision pack with the adaptive lights, with our current ALL4 we have the standard xenons (as part of the chilli pack) without the adaptive lights but we don’t miss this feature.

New features
A big improvement to the load flat boot flat. As shown below, found the one piece floor in our previous 2011 CM heavy and awkward, this new design in the ALL4 is much better allowing it to be folded to access the hidden storage underneath.

Not a fan of the window switches on the door, the quality of the switches could be better but we do welcome the improved mirror switches. On technology, we never had the media pack before but we would definitely tick the box to have this installed the next time, helped us a lot with road closures and no diversion signs!

MINI’s cost cutting
We had a jack installed in our 2011 CM with runflats but jacks were withdrawn in 2012 for those models which were delivered with runflat tyres. We don’t miss it in our ALL4 as it has created more under floor boot storage. The floor mats have dropped in quality too, slightly flimsy compared to the mats found in our 2011 CM.

We intend to keep our current CM until the new F60 is available, spec wise we will probably keep the same spec but we are at two minds on the black roof and mirror caps, although it gives the CM a premium look it’s very difficult to keep clean… may opt for the body colour next time.

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2013/13 Mini Countryman 2.0 Cooper SD All4.

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