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MINI Service- End of Warranty Check
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Default MINI Service- End of Warranty Check - 24th February 2017, 01:26 PM

Hi folks,
Iíve bought an approved used (2014 Countryman) from Sytner back in Sept.2016. Obviously it had its MOT and checks done before I was handed over the keys.

The car is coming up to its 3rd yr in May 2017 (marking the end of my manufacturer warranty) and therefore will be up for its last TLC covered service. I received a letter from Sytner asking if Iíd like to come in and get that service done and also get their ĎMOT Protectí package. Which is an add-on thing to give me (allegedly) peace of mind further down the line, leaving the normal wear and tear items to consider and the cost of the MOT.

Anyone has any experience with this and any opinions as to if it is something I actually do need or not given the car had its MOT with no issues just 5 month ago?

Also do you think there is any (incremental) advantage of booking the last free of charge service closer to the 3rd yr anniversary (say in late April) or getting it out the way now is just about the same thing?

Any input / opinions would be highlight appreciated.

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Default 25th February 2017, 08:51 AM


I bought our CM from Sytner. It came with a full year Mini approved used warranty (as yours should if there was less than a year on the full manufacturer warranty period remaining) as part of the approved used scheme the MOT protection is free. If the car fails it's next MOT from a part that has worn it is replaced and is part of the approved used package.

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Default 25th February 2017, 09:21 AM

The TLC service package should be for 5 years or 50k miles which ever comes sooner, what mileage has your CM covered? If less than 50k miles, I would wait for the onboard computer to prompt you to take it in for a service.

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Default 25th February 2017, 02:16 PM

Thanks both. I should brush up on my paperwork re full years coverage from the day I bought the car off Sytner.

Its on almost 24.7k miles now. I started getting the on board computer systems prompt about a month ago when I was on about 24.3k miles.

From the paper work I was given I understand it went under Mini Service (before my acquisition) when it was on 15.2k miles about 11 months ago.
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Default 12th June 2017, 11:48 AM

For the free end of warranty check make sure you book it in before the warranty has ended

If you call on the day it ended even then you can't book it in they won't allow which is a bit off

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mot protect, service, warranty

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