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Cooper Tonbridge
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Default Cooper Tonbridge - 15th February 2017, 08:35 PM

I had an e-mail from Mini asking if I would like to enter a competition to have use of a Mini for a year the qualifying rules were that I needed to test drive the new countryman. I entered my details and was contacted by the dealership where i had bought my F56 JCW about 20 months ago.
The experience was so different to any of my previous visits, so much so that it has made me seriously consider whether a Mini will be my next car.
The sales staff were so matter of fact, asking if me and my wife wanted a coffee and then pointing to a coffee machine to make it ourselves, the knowledge of the sales guy was so poor he didn't even know how the powerfold mirrors worked. When I asked a few more questions regarding fuel consumption he did not know the figures because the Countryman was a new car and he hadn't been on the training course? Then to cap it all I asked whether he could ensure that I was entered into the competition to drive the Mini for a year, his response was he didn't know anything about it and to go online to enter the competition. The test drive itself was OK but the attitude of the staff added to the fact they totally ignored my request to be contacted by e-mail only not phone. The phone call was the final straw offering me up to 17,000 for a 20 month old car that cost double that and has 8000 miles on the clock. Rant over
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AnOldBiker (28th September 2017)
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Default 17th February 2017, 04:28 PM

Don't get me started.... wanted to source a replacement for our Countryman. Approached a well known MINI franchise group and all they were interested in was selling me GAP insurance and paint protection. When I asked for a video of their demo they sent me a video of the benefit of paint protection! I took my business elsewhere.......

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Default 18th February 2017, 01:19 PM

Sad times, there was a time when enthusiasts worked there and enjoyed it and you could tell the difference now they are simply trying to make their next quota and don't really care.
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Default 28th February 2017, 05:52 PM

I went into Tonbridge to buy a Challenge and the guy had never heard of it and suggested I had missed the boat by a long time on the Challenge 210. Pitiful part-ex offer meant I went elsewhere.

I wouldn't buy a car from them, but the parts department is great and I would give them a shot at servicing / warranty.

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Default 16th August 2017, 09:12 AM

My recent experience was quite the opposite. I turned up with my husband and was met by a very nice salesperson. As soon as we made it clear that the car was for me his attention was focused on me and not my husband. At other dealerships we have felt that the "little woman" was being talked down to and any technical translation would have to be done via my husband.
The guy answered all my questions, some quite probing, arranged an immediate test drive and offered by far the best trade in from any of the manufacturers we had visited, we even got a very good discount off of the list price. As mentioned above we were offered the virtues of paint protection at a very expensive price. This was the only part that could be considered a bit pushy. When I pointed out that I work for a car repair specialist and could get the same protection done for a fraction of the price at "mates rates" the matter was quickly dropped. This relationship has only just started but up to now it has been a pleasant experience.
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Default 25th September 2017, 12:28 PM

Update. Well I took delivery this Saturday and since my last post, my regard for Coopers Tonbridge has remained good. The Salesman promised to call me weekly with updates since the order and true to his word he has.
It has been an excellent experience all along the process.

I know this is only a small thing but for us girlies it's the type of thing that make the whole process memorable. Once I had handed over my trade-in, completed the final paperwork, I was taken to a part of the showroom which is surrounded by partitions. Behind them was my car covered in a black silk cover which I gently pulled away showing my car for the first time.

Yes it's a bit sloppy - but a nice touch anyway and something I will remember.
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