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30,000 miles report. 2013 CM Cooper SD ALL4
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CM SD ALL4 & Roadster SD
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Default 30,000 miles report. 2013 CM Cooper SD ALL4 - 23rd October 2015, 02:16 PM

Ploughing through the miles and now reached the 30k miles and time for a further report. I decided to skip the 20k miles report, especially, with nothing going wrong or being replaced.

The front 18” Goodyear Efficient Grip (225/45 r18) runflats have lasted well from new until 28k with all our driving now occurring on the motorway. They were at 3mm and they would have lasted longer but the shoulders were deteriorating rapidly so time for a change. Shopped around and I was very lucky to find a brand new set on eBay from another MINI fanatic for half the price and arranged for my dealer to fit them at a reasonable cost. Online is the way to go and I found Asda Tyres provide the best supply/fit quote.

Compared to my previous CM Cooper D they are lasting well and still on the original set. I’ll see where I am with the depth of the pads (both front/rear) when the MOT/further service is due in March. I have to say though, I’m not too impressed with the brake sensors which had to be reset a number of times as they were giving false readings.

Build Quality
Well built compared to my previous 2011 CM, with only a rattle on the passenger door but with the radio playing most of the time I’ve stopped noticing! Also, surface rust on engine components was a problem on our earlier CM but no sign of anything here.

Very little stone chips and silver is so easy to keep clean.

Fuel/Oil Consumption

Very impressed with the oil consumption but not impressed with the dipstick! I find it very difficult to read. On fuel consumption, being an ALL4 not a vast difference from my previous 2WD CM Cooper D, during the summer a touch over 50mpg and now with the colder days it’s falling to 45mpg.

The ALL4 grips the road really well and we’ve felt safe in all weather conditions. I don’t even have any complaints on the runflats and I find the ride bearable. Also, need to add with our early morning and late evening commutes in the dark, the xenon headlights are brilliant and highly recommend them.

Dealer Service
I can only describe as excellent, they always go the extra mile and we get well looked after compared to the lack of attention from our previous VW dealers.

Nothing so far compared to the numerous recalls our earlier CM suffered from.

I’ll continue to say it is the best car we have ever owned and it ticks all the boxes in the way it handles in all conditions. As we were even more pleased with the brand and the service we were receiving from our local dealer we took the plunge by purchasing a second MINI (as we are covering a lot of miles) in the form of a Roadster SD……

More about this here.

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