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Default 31st July 2016, 03:06 PM

Originally Posted by KarlW11R50 View Post
Please don't fit red wheels. Tacky as fook.

Poles look so dated now and would not suit an R56. The Cobras would be an infinitely better opinion.
After the last photo I'm really happy with the anthracite they are at the moment so looks like they're staying!

I need to get myself to GSM and sit in all sorts of seats, with a bit of custom trimming I think Poles would look awesome, or just a red stitched set of Nogaros.
Originally Posted by MinIan View Post
Nice purchase mate, loved your 53 so looking forward to seeing where you go with this
Agree with Karl on the wheels, also the seats TBH - have you seen that tart Jakes Nogaros they look superb
It's a cracking car, has taken some time to learn to love it but it is a better car than the 53 in most ways.

Jake's seats do look awesome!
Originally Posted by Oakleyguy View Post
Great looking GP2, I like the bits of carbon you've added too.
I did this mod, along with the door pulls and dash panels, in my 2013 FJCW.
Dash panels and door pulls are on the list, dash is like rocking horse poo and I fancy doing the door pulls if I get some RS Style door pulls for the handles themselves
Originally Posted by KarlW11R50 View Post
I think you should colour code the light rings, filler cap and door handles. Would look fookin lush.

One thing I really don't like about my GP is the filler cap. I wish they had put a Cooper one on rather that the S thing.
I like my panda eyes! I'm trying to minimise spending on this one as a lot has changed circumstances wise so I'm enjoying having a car with almost all vital mods done! The filler cap doesn't offend me, but the chrome will be going at some point.
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