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40,000 miles report. 2013 CM Cooper SD ALL4 Manual
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Default 40,000 miles report. 2013 CM Cooper SD ALL4 Manual - 21st August 2016, 06:09 PM

Continuing on from the previous reports (links below in the signature) it's now hit the 40k miles mark. I would have really liked to say it has been trouble free motoring...... but with a recent incident where the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) value failed, throwing it into limp mode, which then meant it had to be recovered to the local MINI dealer has blemished the ownership. Saying that though MINI Emergency Assist, as well as our local dealer, were brilliant in quickly getting us back on the road and thank goodness we had MINI extended warranty which took care of everything. Putting this aside, everything else has indeed been trouble free!

This will be the last mileage write up report on our CM as we plan to replace it as soon as the new F60 CM is launched. The following is a summary of what went well and those which could have been better.

With our CM spending its life on the motorway, the original front Goodyear Efficient Grip tyres (225/45 r18 91v) were replaced at 28k miles and both the rears are lasting well. Runflat tyres are essential for us and we don't find the handling or noise intrusive.

It's a disappointment that BMW brake discs and pads don't seem to last long! Both the front pads and discs were replaced at 34k miles and the rears, according to the sensor, is showing 3k miles of life left. I don't rate the sensors which have given false readings so it always requires a physical check. With our previous makes, mainly VWs, we traded them in with 30k miles and brake wear was only at 40%.

Build quality
Very pleased, I mentioned a rattle in the passenger door but that's now disappeared. All the plastics still look new and no wear whatsoever on the upholstery. No corrosion on the alloys, these are the 18" turbo fan in silver, and the paint in Crystal Silver is tough resisting stone chips which we encounter on our motorway commute.

Fuel/ Oil Consumption
We are still averaging between 48 to 53 mpg depending on the time of the year. Even though it doesn't agree with the official consumption, it's perfectly acceptable being a heavy ALL4 and designed like a brick. Oil consumption is excellent with hardly any intervention from me to top it up.

Having driven different petrol/manual variants of the CM (except the JCW), I still feel the 2.0 diesel engine is the best suited for the CM whether it is appears as a 2.0d auto in the Cooper D or D ALL4 (the Cooper D and D ALL4 manuals have the 1.6d engines which can struggle with a full load) and in both 2.0d manual/auto in the Cooper SD or SD ALL4. If your budget can stretch opt for the SD for better handling. The ALL4 was also brilliant through the bad weather, especially, driving through a snow blizzard in the Pennines.

On the new F60 CM replacement, it's a real shame that it will mirror the size of a BMW X1, I preferred the size of the current R60 CM due to its compact size and that's my reason for opting for MINI rather than the X1.

2013/13 Mini Roadster 2.0 Cooper SD.
2016/16 Mini Countryman 2.0 Cooper SD All4.

2013/13 Mini Countryman 2.0 Cooper SD All4.

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