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Serpentine belt replacement. Easy?
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Default Serpentine belt replacement. Easy? - 8th February 2017, 05:32 AM

Originally Posted by hitandhope View Post
Evening. Got a Cooper S, supercharged, 86k. I've done the filters plugs and leads so next plan to get the supercharger belt done as the car's got plenty of "Patina" but not much history and these are more or less a service item?
I've seen UTube vids, simple enough in theory but is it easy in practice or a nightmare of skinned knuckles and working blind?
I'd buy one of the tensioner lever tools.

Wondering whether to do it myself or get a garage to do it. Done plenty of work on cars in the past but less time free now.
If you buy the tool and you take the wheel arch liner out it's not a difficult job.
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