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DAB Nightmare
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Default DAB Nightmare - 20th April 2017, 08:51 AM

Hi All

Pleeeeeease can some help before I resort to a hammer!?!

The DAB in my 2011 cooper D will not recognise or register ANY stations. I bought the car three weeks ago from a small dealer in Milton Keynes-absolutely no issues there-they were brilliant-the dab was working fine-got back to Leicester and now whenever I switch to dab I get stations...nothing 😩

I've tried the alist/astore but I just get an empty station box or a 'no signal' display. Am I doing something wrong that is very basic? Should I go to somewhere like Halfords (?) to see if they can help?

My local mini / sytner want the car for 2 days and 150 to 'advise' which seems ridiculous.

Any and all help hugely appreciated!
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