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indicator stalk
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MINI Icon Black indicator stalk - 12th September 2017, 07:16 PM

Just picked up my car after having it repaired when a woman hit the car when it was in the car park. Still baffles me how someone can hit a stationary car.

Anyway this was the extent of the damage :

I didnt think it would be affected but it seems theres an issue with the indicators.
When you do a light flick up or down the indicators do 3 flashes then auto cancel.........since I got the car back it seems this function is no longer available. To have any more than 1 flash I need to push/pull the stalk fully up/down.

Anybody have any idea if the garage has damaged something if they had to take the front bumper off when they were repairing, and if so, what?

Want to have a bit of an idea what I'm talking about before I go back and mention it to them.


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