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Default The Dark Destroyer AKA Jaffa - 20th September 2017, 11:33 PM

I thought it be a good idea to track and document my mods and upgrades for my new baby and share all my ups and downs. Ill try and update as frequently as possible.

So I bought this little beauty back in June 2017 from a Manchester based firm called Mini Independent after blowing up my Ford Focus by not putting enough bloody oil in the thing. 15 years driving and its now im acting like a novice. Although it has taught me a lesson and prepared me for these oil thirsty little blighters.

Saw the car on Sunday, was on a train going north by Tuesday.

30 mins into owning my 2008 MCS some biatch decided to use her Ranger Rover to scrape the rear passenger quarter panel of my car. Did she stop, did she hell! Karma...thats all ill say. Luckily she had caught most of the wheel trim rather than the bodywork. So no crying thankfully.

Carry on my journey back to The Big Smoke only to notice my own smoke coming from the rear end of the vehicle eveytime i moved off from idle. Big blimming plumes of the stuff!

You've got to be kidding me right. Thought to myself it may clear itself by the time I get didnt.

Anyway. After much discussions and swearing talking to Warranty Assist, the car dealer and my local garage i made a decision that if Mini Independent didnt fix the problem i would give them the car back.

The guys at MI were fantastic. I drove back up north, dropped the car off and they had it for 2 days, gave me a courtesy Mini to poot around Manchester & Liverpool in and sorted out the problem. Changed the turbo, changed the valve stems, changed the rocker cover, did whatever else was needed to fix the issue.

Touch wood, no more excessive smoke. Happy days

Heres a side view of Jaffa. Parked well on the kerb to avoid these maniacs here in the city.

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