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Default 21st September 2017, 11:53 AM

Then it was to sorting out the headlights. I ended up getting a very good deal for a pair of Bi-Xenon headlights with the black inserts. Black Line so to speak. They arrived in August.

When I tried to remove the original headlights I couldnt. 1 screw on both sides didnt want to play and just kept turning and turning and turning and turning.

It wasnt until 2 weeks ago I decided to fit them. Dremel out and spent an hour cutting the bolts off. Bolts cut off, headlights out. Lovely jubbly.

Pull out my brand new headlights, only to find out the original ballasts wont fit the new headlights. F me! And theres me thinking it would be plug and play, however, nothing is ever so simple is it.

I had to purchase a new pair of ballasts from Germany. 80 for the pair delivered, which I thought was actually quite reasonable.

Arrived 5 days later. Finished work at 3. Home by 20 past. Tools out, lets get fitting.

Ballasts on, original washer on, new main beam bulb fitted, indicator bulb........are you having me on, indicator bulb doesnt fit! Thankfully the housings were identical. So I removed the original indicator housing and fitted it to the new one. Indicator bulb in. Plug in. WE HAVE LIGHT

Heres my new bulbs too. Very nice indeed. Bright too.

Next mod was the arrival of Jaffa which will give everyone an idea, if you hadnt figured it out already, what my secondary colour was going to be. So Ive decided to go orange. Why you ask. Reason being, its already been colour coded for me with the interior lighting from the panels. Plus I like the combination of the black and orange. I think its a good combo for both interior and extrerior.

I ended up buying a pair of these from aliexpress, but had to paint it myself. 1st attempt was naff as it just crumbled off. So I bought some plastikote hoping that would do a better job, which to some degree I guess it has. However the bolt from the door side, as you can see, keeps catching the cover.

Im gonna have to either find a way to stop the door catching or find a cover thats actually prefabricated orange and wont rub off. If anyone sees one, let me know.

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