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Default 5th October 2017, 07:09 PM

So...onto the wiring. Now I very rarely follow instructions if a job is obvious, but I thought to myself, this time I was going to be sensible and actually read the instructions. I was planning on getting this done within 3 hours tops. Having seen some forum posts on the Mini upgrade DRL's claiming 1.5 hours but actually taking much longer I thought Ill take the same approach in terms of time it would take to hook these bad boys up.

The 1st mission, especially if you have proper man hands, not Trump sized was getting to the ground point. Its all the way down there

Thankfully I had already bought some tools which were for changing out the spark plugs in the future. problems

Although in the end I had to move the fuse box out of the way aswell

2nd thing to do was to find an ignition point which after doing some more reading on the net I thought was the 12V point at the back of the engine bay fuse box. Connected the 3rd wire to the live point of the position light. Connected the drl mains box and voila!

Lights on and working...but hang on. Why are they on when the bloody car is completely off?

This had me stumped. It was getting dark so I decided to adjourn till the next day. Clearly something had gone wrong.

The following day whilst at work, Im trying to rack my brain as to why these lights were constantly on. Hit the forum's again to see if I could find an answer. Which I couldnt, but found a thread on the fitting of the Mini DRL version and decided, like an idiot to go down this route.

Pulled out battery. What a pulava that is! My god, seriously, everything is extra with this car. Cut the nipple off the rubber grommet and pushed the wire into the bottom of the passenger well inside the car. Pulled out the footwell module and connected pin 12.

Nope still not working properly. Light still constantly on. Tried a few more variations but still couldnt figure it out. Getting dark. Try again in a couple of days when Im off.

Today I got up early, expecting to be trying to solve this lighting riddle all day.

1st thing was to work out why the lights were on when the engine was off. Eventually working out that the live point at the back on the fuse box is not an ignition point, but a constant live point and what I could use as an ignition point was the lighter fuse no. 42.

Down to Halfrauds, pick up a fuse tap.


Nope. Now I have no light at all Im getting fairly cheesed off and losing the will to live, as Ive followed the instructions to the letter. But I wont give up. Think man, think!!

I decide to throw the instructions away and do my own thing. And my own thing was to piggy back the original position light wiring
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