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Default 10th October 2017, 04:24 PM

Been waiting for a month now as its the stage where I can actually make some real progress in the next few months with modifications.

Woke up in the morning at 06:00hrs for my trip down to Surrey for my walnutblasting appointment. Trip was estimated at 1.5 hours as I thought Id be clever and take the A25 instead of the M25 so that I can miss all the morning rush hour traffic. Left at 7am.

It didnt work out like that and my journey ended up being 3 hours long as the A25 was just rammed. Never again will I be using that A road. Absolute nightmare. What was meant to be a nice gentle cruise turned out to be an irritating stop start morning.

Anyhow arrived here

and met Will who owns the business. Very nice chap and very knowledgeable. He said to me it should be ready in 2 to 3 hours. Gave him the key and off I went into the very sleepy town centre of Camberley

Whilst sitting in Cafe Nero supping a mug of tea and munching on a very tasty slice of lemon cheesecake Will called to say TDD was ready.

Half an hours walking later I paid the very good price of 180 had a chat about future work, what he could what he couldnt and general chit chat and he also sent me some before and after pics of the valves in all their glory

Absolutely caked in the stuff. Apparently never been done before so required some extra attention. Unbelievable how much build up there was. But now she's been blasted to these results

Very happy with the results. Now if Im being honest on the journey back I didnt really notice any real difference in performance or responsiveness but Im happy in the knowledge that TDD will appreciate the clean.

No matter how much I love this car, you need the patience of a saint. Nothings easy. Everything is long and everything is a mission.
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