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2007 Cooper hazard light problems
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Default 2007 Cooper hazard light problems - 27th October 2017, 01:12 PM

Hi all

Got a 2007 Cooper and the hazard lights randomly come on and go off.

It has already had a new hazard switch installed, which didnt fix the problem, and then its come to me.

I have diagnosed it on a Delphi diagnostic PC and getting the following codes:

Instrument - A3A9 - Unknown fault code

Climate - E738 - Unknown Fault code

Central Body - JBE (Junction Box)(3 Fault codes)
- C914 - unknown fault code
- C80A - Unknown fault code
- C809 - Unknown fault code

Central Body - FRM (Footwell module) (2 Fault codes)
- 9CB2 - Potentiometer, headlight levelling control - Short circuit - Intermittent
- 932B - Switch, hazard warning

The boot is wet and I have done an internal fog test which has shown the boot seal failed - this has been ordered and will be replaced once arrives.

The car is currently inside drying out.

One thing I have noted is that sometime's if I close the drivers quite softly it will set the hazards off, if I then open and close the drivers a little firmer it will turn the hazards off - this doesn't happen all the time and if the hazards start randomly opening and closing the door seems to do nothing - they will then just turn themselves off after a random time.

A few other things I noted:

Driver and passenger door cavities had water in when I removed the lower grommets, not loads, but had water in all the same, but no fog came out of the door seals.

The boot courtesy light does not work - this could be a bulb as i haven't checked it yet - thought best to get the car dry and water tight before attempting any repairs.

Has anyone come across this before?

Not sure if the previous person put the car on diagnostics or just replaced the switch.

I have checked the earth strap on the LH side of the engine bay as you look at it, this had been rubbing on the suspension turret and rubbed through to bare metal so I have heat shrunk that and checked for continuity and all is fine, also checked the earth on the LH side of the bonnet, continuity was a bit hit and miss so I have also cleaned that one up and is all fine now.

As for the other's, I have not located them as yet as thought I would see if this is common fault or if is just one of those that needs tracking down.

Any help or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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