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Countryman S E Hybrid - not such a good start
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Default Countryman S E Hybrid - not such a good start - 21st November 2017, 04:14 PM

First time here, but with a story that may be interesting.
I was lucky enough through work to be able to order a Mini Countryman 1.5 Cooper S E PHEV (to replace a Volvo XC60). Due to the financial magic of a special deal on the lease, I managed to tick lots of boxes for options, and the order went in in June, with delivery happening mid October. Very happy when it arrived at work on the transporter.
But. I drove home (20 miles), then 5 miles more. Then, it wouldn't start. At all. Multiple error messages suggesting the engine had a major fault. Called Mini Assistance, the mechanic came out after 1 hour. 1st Mini PHEV he'd seen, and by all accounts from Mini/BMW UK HQ the 1st breakdown they'd had either. 22 failure codes on his computer, none of which could be fixed at the roadside. We tried a few things but it had to recovered to the dealer (Sytner Leicester).
By this time it was 8pm and I needed to be 100 miles away for work, ended up in a old shape Countryman SD from Enterprise. So the first day of ownership didn't go so well.
A very long story short, after many tests and checks, it appears that one of the 5 battery modules had a problem. They changed the wiring loom for the HV battery, and the Cell Supervision Module. This fixed it - not sure they really knew the cause or just through parts at it - so after 4 weeks I got it back. In this time I'd had the 'old' Countryman for 3 weeks, and after complaining a lot got a brand new 5 series for the last week.
Now - it's a great car. Quiet, quick, comfortable. The electric - petrol interface is seamless, at low throttle inputs you can hardly tell the engine has kicked in. And when it does, the 3 cylinder sound is good.
Too early for accurate fuel consumption yet, a 40 mile round trip today (20 miles motorway, 20 miles stop start city) got my 56mpg leaving the car to its own devices (and starting with a full battery).
I just hope the problems are behind it and I haven't got a Friday afternoon car...

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