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UJ Spark Plugs... - 26th November 2017, 09:53 PM

OK... I have a 2005 Mini One which has had the Bluefin remap to make it run like a Cooper.

I'm using this Mini to learn about maintenance etc. and will transfer many things I buy and install now to my next Mini R50/R52/R53. I'm looking to pick up a MSD Ignition unit in the near future and have already picked up some new Formula Power ignition leads - which was worth doing anyway considering mine were 12 years old stock leads.

I now want to replace my spark plugs but am being given conflicting information. I was considering the Denso IK20, but the guy at my local garage suggested the IK22. I have looked online and the difference between the two spark plugs is their gap(?). Price is a minor factor as I tend to see the IK22 a touch cheaper than the IK20.

Assuming I'd like to purchase Denso spark plugs, which will be the best to buy for my Mini?
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