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Mini 1.4 one 2008 not starting!!
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Default Mini 1.4 one 2008 not starting!! - 6th December 2017, 09:50 PM

Hi all,

Iím having an issue with my girlfriends MINI!

Itís a MINI one 1.4 2008 plate

We have come to it this morning and hit the ignition and nothing, engine is turning over ok but not firing at all.

I have checked the little bleed valve on the fuel rail to see if thereís pressure and fuel, which it has. After turning the engine over, I fit the bleed valve and fuel came out under pressure so I know the pump alright.

I have checked the sparks on each spark plug and thatís all ok. One thing I have noticed is that the spark plugs are dry? Iím assuming if fuel was getting to the cylinder the spark plug would be wet?

I have also tried that easy start spray but to no avail. Not even a slight fire (removed air filter cover and sprayed down intake tube.

Tomorrow we are going to try and tow the car and see if itíll jump start.

What am I missing? Could it be dodgy injectors?

Thanks in advance for the assistance..
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