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Default 2nd January 2018, 12:07 PM

Originally Posted by warric View Post
It will recharge whilst you drive it, in the Save mode in motorways it runs a bit harder and recharges the battery; went from 30% to 95% over a 70 mile motorway run. MPG was about 40mpg.
If you can fit the sweetspot for the battery life it is a great car; if not, then its an expensive way to save money. But if you can get one as a company car then it makes a huge amount of sense versus a diesel or petrol.
This. We don't have the Countryman E on our company car list as yet, but we have various BMW & VW models. The guys are taking them as they are fast* and cheap on company car tax, but most are complaining about mpg. This was always going to be the case as most of us do 25k a year of mostly motorway.

I've had week long test drives in all and found the Golf GTE to be by far the best for mpg, getting double what I got out of the 330e. Just waiting for them to add the Countryman now. Biggest problem for me was just about getting to or from work on a single charge (plus 5 miles on petrol), but then any impromptu journeys whilst at work or in the evenings were expensive on petrol as battery wasn't charged.

*compared to the low powered diesel eco chuggers that the list used to consist of.
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