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Default 13th January 2018, 03:54 PM

Thats another option. At the moment we have 3 cars-
2011 BMW X5 40d- that we used as a weekend/holiday car when there was 4 of us
2016 MINi cooper 5 door- Missus's car
2008 Nissan navara-My everyday work car

my missus has been using my X5 a lot more recently due to being able to get all the clobber in. But then we then need something much bigger for family holidays (usually to the ski slopes) when all 5 of us go and the dog/luggage!! Like my old Discovery 4

So as i see it i have a few options

1- Sell the mini, let her have the X5 and buy a bigger 4x4 (discovery 4/Q7 etc)- Downside is that there will still be 3 cars to tax insure and run
2- Sell the mini, sell the navara buy a newer plusher work truck with a canopy that can double as a weekend/holiday car and let her have the X5 (just have 2 cars) -Downside is being able to keep the work truck clean enough to be able to use at the weekends/holidays
3-Sell the Mini, Sell the X5 keep the navara buy one nice car that missus can use and be big enough for hols etc- Downside is that to get something big enough to do everything would cost her a fortune to run everyday and be a nightmare to park when she goes back to work after maternity leave in may

The other thing to consider is that our daughter is 17 in a few weeks and she is wanting to drive and will no doubt want a car so parking at home will be a nightmare unless we thin the fleet!

No decision is straight forward. The ideal situation would be to sell everything, get her something like a discovery sport or similar and me get a newer pickup with a canopy that can be used everyday. At least then when the daughter gets her own car there will be somewhere to park it
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