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Default 13th January 2018, 04:27 PM

You sound very similar to me Marsie...

We had 3 vehicles too and it was getting silly.

I had a 6.1 litre v8 SRT Jeep that I tuned and modded and worked out of. We loved that thing but with 4 children and 3 dogs the wife had to drive a MPV as her daily which was a bit inpractical.

3 cars was becoming stupid to run so I reluctantly sold the Jeep and I now have a 6 seat double cab Custom which is big enough for my work and also allows us to go away with 6 bikes all the luggage we could ever want a canoe etc etc

We now have the mini as my wife’s daily which she absolutely loves and to be honest so do I.

Our new countryman is being collected a week today.

Our 2 boys rarely come out with us daily or at weekends but we still holiday as a family with bikes . I can’t tell you how good the Ford is at swallowing everything. I have a pop up roof rack but haven’t even had to use it!

It has allowed us to run 2 vehicles, we love the Mini, my wife is happy, I’m happy.... it’s taken years to get our vehicles right but finally I think we are there.

I will be adding the manic map to the CM and it’s switchable so when I drive it will be circa 250... she never gets out of green mode!

I can thoroughly recommend the CM as a family daily.... such a rewarding drive compared to the hundreds of MPV’s out there... believe me! I think we have tried most of them over the years.

R60 Cooper S auto, Pure red, chilli, media and light packs..SOLD

F60 Cooper S All4 auto. Thunder grey with a lot of gloss black and very little chrome. Chilli, Media, Tech, XL, LEDís, pano roof, black 19ís, black leather, black stripes, black roof, black rails (I like black)....pretty much all options ticked - already regret the ones that are missing.
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