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Default 31st January 2018, 11:50 AM

Originally Posted by wlondoner View Post
Oops my post should have said solenoid valve not sensor*

I vaguely remember the BMW service place say it had rusted or

Have you checked spark plugs? Could be a fuel injector issue ? Faulty Throttle Position Sensor?

If your spending loads trying to get your mechanic to find out what it is just
take it to MINI yes it will cost a bit to get them to look but they will tell
you exactly what it is and you can go away get it fixed or get them to do it.
I spent loads once with a duff mechanic when the main dealer solved problem straight away

Thank you for replying again! So my main mechanic can't figure out what's wrong. He advised to take it to his friend's garage (spoke with him over the phone and he thinks it's dirt or buildup on valves?) I was going to take it to him but my car started making a burning smell in traffic last night so I just took it to the nearest garage. They phoned earlier saying they tried to enter the diagnostic tool and could only get so far... That I'd have to see a BMW or German car specialist? Is this normal or am I being fobbed off? What a nightmare!
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