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03 soft heat
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Default 03 soft heat - 1st February 2018, 10:00 PM

Hi, I just bought an 03 r50 on the cheap and it has some issues.
First is that the heat blows cold, well luke warm to the touch but not warm enough to heat up the car. The temp guage comes up quickly and maintains a steady temp. Guage stays where it should be and there is coolant flow. I bled the air out of two spots. The upper radiator hose and the suply line to the heater core with no luck. I am told there is another bleeder but I cannot find it. Does anyone have a photo of where it is located?
I am getting ready to pull the heater core this weekend. but before I do.
Do any of you out in Miniland have any other Ideas ? Blend door maybe? are they controlled bu cable or by motor? where are they located and what is the best way to get to them?
Thanks IA
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