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Default 4th February 2018, 12:37 PM

@wlondoner... Thank you. very informative.

We have by proscess of elimination decided that the heater core is the culprit so have ordered a new one.
BUT.. being the impacient types we really want to see if we can clean this one. the catch is that we have no new seals (they are coming with the new unit). Is it possible to reuse the seals and clamps that are on it now?
Seems silly not to wait I know but for M(my 10 y/o) and I this is more about learning and understanding the machine more then just swapping parts. (which I will do on a weekday)
It should be said tho that we bled a lot of air out of the system, and M’s face when he revved the engine.. priceless everytime.
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