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Question: Fitting AEM CAI kit to a 2013 R56 JCW
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Default Question: Fitting AEM CAI kit to a 2013 R56 JCW - 12th April 2018, 11:29 AM

Hey guy's,
I'm thinking of fitting the above to my R56 2013 JCW Mini.
I have a couple of questions though first.
1. It says in the fitting instructions that the AEM induction kit must be removed in 'inclement' weather and returned to the standard factory fitted unit.

Do/have any of those who have this AEM induction kit fitted remove yours during the winter? If not, do you notice any 'ill' effects keeping the AEM CAI kit fitted?

2. The fitting instructions note that, 'the top lip of the scoop inlet will be visible through the hood (bonnet) opening. This small gap allows cooling air to flow over the scoop and venting after a hot shutdown'.

Can someone kindly post a picture of how this lip looks being visible through the bonnet scoop.

Many thanks guy's.
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