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Delivery for a new, unregistered F56 MCS
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Default Delivery for a new, unregistered F56 MCS - 14th May 2018, 06:37 PM

On 28th April I visited my local dealer and paid a 2000 deposit for a new F56 MCS with JCW Chilli and Media XL. I was initially told by the salesman that the car was at the Factory ready to be shipped and would get it in around 10 days. However, as time has passed I pressed them for answers as felt i was being mucked about. The Brand Manager telephoned me on Saturday and said that the vehicle was at another MINI dealership, so they had to submit a transfer request. This was approved, they paid for the vehicle and then it went back to the factory to be checked. Where I have been told it still is.

Its not scheduled to arrive at the local dealers until around 25th May but he indicated he will try and chase it up to get it sooner.

Has anyone else had an experience like this or am I just getting the run around?
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