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Default 30th May 2018, 04:08 PM

Originally Posted by labbetts View Post
Sounds like your patience has run out fella.

Take it to another dealer seems the most obvious course of action.

The Sat Nav system is the same Pro Nav used in tens of thousands of BMW's, so should be pretty flawless. That said, like all computers you do have to allow for a degree of error when it comes to things like the best route. Historically i've always found BMW's system vastly superior to other manufacturers (VW's was woeful)

I've not noticed the seat, but then i awlays sit much lower than my wife. Obvious resolve is to just lower her seat by 2", certainly not something i'd lose sleep over.

I had the rubbing steering wheel on a Mercedes once (and a Mk VI Golf funnily enough). Sometimes intense summer heat can create some noisy plastics.

My Mini certainly isn't the quietest car i've had, nor is it the best screwed together, but in 12 months of ownership it's been pretty flawless (touching wood as I type*) and much more fun than most metal i've bought. I always enjoy driving it, and for that reason alone i'll forgive the odd anomaly.

I doubt prices will increase mate, if you want out then you're better off shifting sooner rather than later. I think you'll take a huge hit personally. I think prices will stabalise around the mid-low twenties - at which point a used JCW Countryman becomes desirable.

Yours is manual isn't it?
manual,daughters bmw is the same with the sat nav,tried a second dealer that still hasn't changed it in the car,will go when patience hits rock bottom , mrs hates driving it because of the gears
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