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Originally Posted by labbetts View Post
i can only guess you've played with the settings to elimate certain annoyances.
I don't have the speed limit settings so can't comment, but i've always found the ProNav to be excellent.

webuyanycar will give you a good idea of trade in value, albeit it at the very bottom end. Look at it as worst case scenario. Just make sure you're sitting down
nearly flattened one of there operatives when they gave us a price and changed when we got there,they are for people who bite more than they can chew on finance,they offer people what they need to pay the car off,if you think the sat nav is good put in from kings lynn to Whitby on aa route planner,go for a17 option then try putting it in the car with out 3 other vias ,when you get to the humber bridge it brings you back dosnt say you have got there,pay 40000 for a car and use a 100 tom tom,daughter uses her phone never sat nav on car,it is all a joke

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