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Originally Posted by keithhack View Post
You are correct about not getting the same treatment as bmw owners. This is are fourth mini and told the salesman the only thing bad about a mini is you need to take it to a bmw dealer to get it fixed. A friend worked on the service department of a big bmw dealer and you never get the best technicians and train the apprentices on them . If you drive a bmw and need a loan car they have one but got a mini and you need to wait four weeks .
It just the way it is pay more and you get more but lose more when you sell it .
I hope you get the faults sorted I find the mini are good on the engine and drive train but not so good on the electrical side. It the same with my VW .
Since coming back home have phoned another dealer,they say the maps are not up to date,sounds logical,so why have 2 others not come up with this,daughter with a 2 year old bmw is treated better at the garages than us,nead to find a wrangler to swop it for,have been back to garages more with this car than all the others we have owned,should never have bought new,just been back in touch to book car in got a different bloke he said updating maps wont make any difference to problem,so no point taking it there as he said they would come up with same answer,but he says detection is done thru the camera,why not change the camera,bet they would if it was not under warrenty,think this is what the problem is,mini just want all your money all the time,not bothered about the custermer,this car has never had seat protectors or carpet protectors when it has been in the garages,they did with the jimny

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