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Originally Posted by keithhack View Post
We had are first weekend away in the van and first tow with the new countryman.We have the 1.5 petrol All4 manual and it is a great little tow car very good at pulling away even on a hill and flys up through the gears nearly as good as are last diesel. It will sit at 60 mph on the flat in 6 gear but needs to be dropped down on the long hills . We did get some funny looks on the camp sites towing with a mini but itís up to the job .
The caravan weighs 1400 kg and is 24 foot long. I would post a photo but not sure how to on here . I hope this is good info for anyone looking at towing with a new countryman as we could not find anything before we ordered it so took a chance . Its good on fuel as well getting 23 mpg the same as are old 2.2L diesel. We only go short distanceses normally about 50 miles so would go for a S model if going abroad or the van weighs more than ours but the petrol turbo is a good replacement for a diesel if like us you only use it around town the rest of the time.

Hi, can I ask if you have the factory fit towbar? If. It not, do you know what brand of towbar you have?
Iím trying to get one for our 2017 Countryman and all the fitters are saying there isnít one available. Our car was bought nearly new so we didnít have the chance to spec a factory fit unfortunately

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