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Default 10th July 2018, 07:31 AM

2007 will make it a gen 2 turbo car, R56 hatch.

So in the 2nd gen cars there were two JCW options;

1) A factory built Cooper S with a dealer fit 192bhp JCW kit (I believe this was the only option in 2007) - This was known as a Cooper S JCW 192.
2) A factory built JCW model with 211bhp (Launched in 2008) - This is a MINI JCW

A few identifiers to help you with yours.

A Cooper S JCW will retain it's Cooper S badge on the rear, & on the side scuttles. Likely a Cooper S badge on the right & a JCW badge on the left. There will be no JCW marking inside either. Car will have standard brakes on the front, unless they've been upgraded by a previous owner & the tail pipes will be etched with the JCW logo.

A factory JCW will have no markings on the back except the JCW badge on the right hand side. The side scuttles is standard will be a plain chrome with no badging. The dash will be have a small JCW emblem on the far left, this isn't a logo more of a checker type thing. The front brakes will be red Brembo items. The tail pipes aren't etched if I recall correctly.

Think this is correct, we owned both but it's been a while.
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