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Default 30th July 2018, 12:52 PM

Hopefully a great purchase.

I would change all the fluids oil, anti-freeze (should be done every four years!) and brake fluid (should be changed every two years!!).

Would recommend having the serpentine belt changed, but if going for an upgrade with a smaller supercharger pulley get it done at the same time.

Gearbox and supercharger are supposed to be sealed for life! Gearbox oil change is relatively simple to do, two plugs one to drain and one fill (always undo the fill one first - to know you can get the oil back in). Supercharger oil change is a bit more involved. See if you can see the Wheeler Dealer episode were they did a Cooper S quite interesting.

When I bought mine I had an inspection 2 service and engine check with a run on the dyno at Lohen, all came back good. Since then I've had a 17% reduced supercharge pulley and an airtec top mounted intercooler fitted plus a few other mods!!

Great car, enjoy.

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