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2nd Gen DRL Fitting Guide
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Default 2nd Gen DRL Fitting Guide - 19th May 2013, 06:46 PM

This is not as straight forward as the 1.5 hrs that MINI quote for fitting, so I have done a guide as a supplement to the official instructions that contain a very major error.

EDIT. NOTE: An update fitting guide is now available with the correct wiring info, the link as been posted by Abyzz on page 10 post number 98.

1. Remove the cover and cowl above the battery.
First remove the bolt near the windscreen.

Then the plastic nut.

The cover then just pulls up, some force is required

2. Then disconnect the battery, negative first. I have pictured this, because if you don't know which is +ve and -ve and how to remove a battery you should not do this yourself.
The plactic vent pipe should be pulled off.

Then remove the battery clamp.

3. Remove the bulkhead grommet cover.

4. Then prepare the grommet by cutting off the blank end of a spare cable entry.

5. Remove the fuse box bolts

6. Then lift the fuse box out of the way

7. Then identify the wires that need to connected.
The 2 wire tabs (ring connectors) and the 2 that are needed next. The one with the inline fuse holder (the rubber thingy) is the +ve one. The one with out is -ve.
The blue wire is the one that is to be fed though the bulkhead gromment.

8. Connect the -ve wire to the earth stud under the fuse box, there are 2 earth studs, any is OK.

9. The positive connects to the 12v stud in the fuse box.

10. Feed the blue wire under the battery tray and through the bulk head.

11. Attach the fixing tape to the control module.

12. Feed the light cables down towards the front lef hand fog lamp. i did not remove the headlamp, there is plenty room

13. Remove the cover front the inside passenger footwell.
Firstly pull off the door seal rubber, then the upper cover pulls towards you.

Then partially remove the lower cover, this is held in place with clips, these clips will then need to be removed from the bodywork and slid back in to the cover for re-fitment later.

14. Pull back the carpet to expose the footwell module

Just above the footwell module there is the gromet from the bulhead, but unless yoiu are double jointed you will not be able see it, but you will be able to feel it and locate the blue wire you have passed through. Pull the wire through so you have enough to reach the module with about 6"-9" to spare. This will be connected later.

15. next secure the module to the fuse box with the fixing tape and the big tiewraps provided.

16. Now before removing the grill and bumper, refit the battery, battery clamp and cowl in reverse order to removing, reconnect the +ve teminal and don't forget the vent pipe. DO NOT CONNECT THE -ve TERMINAL YET.

17. Now remove the grill, there are 4 plastic rivets along the top.

The bottom clips are fiddly, and too fiddly for me to get pics, but its an arm down the back of the grill job.

18. Bumper removal. I have taken any pics, and I not going to cover it, The various types/models have differing fixings. Guides are available elsewhere.

19. Remove the existing lamps, 3 x Torx15 screws

20. Remove the lamps from the holders 2 x 25Torx screws.

Then unclip the clippy thing

Then in reverse order, fit the new lamp in the holder

Then fit back in to bumper

21. Routing the loom across the car, I fastened mine to the headlamp washer pipe that runs near behind the bumper mount, and the connected the fog and side light connectors, these cannot be got wrong, they will only go in one connector and only one way up.

22. Offer the bumper back to the car and fix in place with the two front screws only. The rest of the fixtures can be fitted after testing.

now connect the lamps to the loom, this can be done from the wheel arch lamp access points.

23. Now the interesting bit, take note here and do not follow the instructions, they are wrong.

Remove the footwell module by undoing the two plastic nuts and disconnect the socket facing you, this will allow you to turn the module around.

When the correct plug is identified you will realise that you cannot see the wires going in to the pins and there about 4 grey wires.
Slide off the socket cover.
The two small clips easily openned with finger nails with no force required.

After identifying the wire, using the crimp connector to attach the blue wire to the grey wire in pin12.

Reattach the connectors to the module and leave loose.

24. Now reconnect the -ve battery terminal, grab you keys and test your handy work.

Running lamps


Sides and fogs

All done, now reattach the module and covers. Replace the battery cover, fasten up you bumper, replace the grill, tidy all you tools away.
Then go and have a smug drink and gloat at your success.

WARNING: Modifications seriously damage your wealth.

As does changing your MINI every 6 months.

Last edited by caveman dave; 21st February 2014 at 09:12 AM. Reason: NEW FITTING GUIDE AVAILABLE
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Default 19th May 2013, 07:13 PM

Thanks Dave, great guide! I'm going to move this to the DIY guide section

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caveman dave (19th May 2013)
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Default 19th May 2013, 07:56 PM

Top job Dave, great write up.
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Default 19th May 2013, 08:20 PM

Many thanks for that a top guide. I have not got round to fitting mine yet, but suspected that the instructions were pointing to the wrong plug. Glad that has been confirmed, it will save me a lot of time

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Default 20th May 2013, 07:38 AM

That is an incredible talent you have.
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Default 20th May 2013, 09:19 AM

What a useful guide. Many thanks for creating this. The lights look great.
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France 20th May 2013, 10:37 AM

This is just perfect !

Thank you
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MINI Icon Hot Choc Clubman 24th May 2013, 11:57 AM

Brilliant job!
Have got my hands on some of these but i cant get the bumper off!
NO seriously i cant.
Took off the grille, removed the torx bolts, removed the 3 plastic rivets and 2 torx from underneath, took out both front arch liners, removed the 2 plastic rivets and torx from each end under the wheel arch trim (sneaky)
The bumper seems loose but still attached somehow in the centre front.
Something to do with the brake ducts?
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Default 25th May 2013, 07:46 PM

Thanks for the great how to Dave....this is top of my list mods! Just trying to tease and extra 10% discount out of the parts dept though!!

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Default 25th May 2013, 09:46 PM

Got mine sorted in the end
Why they couldnt find a switched live in the fuse box god only knows, what the hell is that particular wire intended for originally?
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