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Hello from Lincolnshire
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Default Hello from Lincolnshire - 26th June 2018, 06:21 PM

Evening folks!

We've recently-ish (2 months ago now) bought ourselves a 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman Diesel. Our main car is a Ssangyong Rexton, which although great for carrying our dogs around and towing, is terrible on fuel (and totally scary when it comes to tax!) so we decided a diesel Clubman would still be useful for pootling around with dogs, but save a bit of money in running costs

So far we are loving it. Used to own a couple of original Mini's back in the 80's and had forgotten how chuckable a small car can be! We bought the Clubman quite cheap, private sale, and it's had a few issues in the two months - basically was in dire need of an engine flush and oil change (despite purportedly having had a recent service) and had one "on the edge" tyre and one punctured one. Took these in for replacement run-flats and the fitters found a stripped locking wheel bolt, which necessitated a new hub (and set of bolts) but, on the plus side, it had been making a weird noise from front right, which the new hub/bearing cured

We've got a few questions about other things, which I'll briefly mention here, but if protocol dictates it, I'll happily expand in a relevant sub-forum
  • The passenger door glass drops on opening the door, and then pops back up on shutting, presumably to make closing easier? However, the drivers door glass doesn't. It makes a noise as if it's trying to, but nothing happens!
  • Is there a way to stop the split door opening from the fob? My OH accidentally did this when putting it into the ignition slot - luckily no dogs in the back at the time (although they would have been tethered)
  • Is there any way to change the colour of the fuel gauge illumination? Literally every time I glance over at the speedo, I see orange and think "Argh! What's gone wrong this time?"
  • When the oil problem was being sorted, the mechanic plugged in his diagnostic and found that the glow plugs are permanently live. Is this a known problem? Easy to fix?

The other thing that is nagging me is the physical key (the one that pops out from the fob). I activated the feature to lower the door glass on pressing the fob button, but then read that to do the opposite, the key has to be used. So I tried it, but found it doesn't turn I don't think it's stuck, in fact I think it's the wrong key! I don't think the vendor knew this, as he actually drew our attention to it's existence, although we didn't try it at the time (ah, hindsight). I'm wondering if the car might have had a non-recorded accident in the past which resulted in a new door being fitted (if so, it's an amazing paint match). Other things suggesting this are an A-post pillar which has clearly been off before and then refitted hamfistedly, as the top clip is broken, and non-matching indicators in the headlights (one is an orange reflector, the other clear with an orange bulb). Long story short, how easy is it to get a key to fit?

So, that's us so far. A few problems, and a few niggles, but overall, we love it!
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Default 26th June 2018, 09:11 PM


Love the diesel MINIs

No you can't change the colour of fuel gauge

The windows probably just need resetting - google it but I'm pretty sure you Insert the keys and turn on the ignition. It does not matter whether you start the car or not. Put the window all the way up and Press and hold the window switch in the up position for 10 or more seconds.

The orange indicator lens if that's what you mean in the headlights? They pop out I used a pen to push on it and replaced bulbs with orange ones so they are legal

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Default 27th June 2018, 02:33 PM

I've had a go at resetting the windows, but with no joy The not working one definitely gives a little upward shove when the door is closed, but as it's already up, nothing happens!

Didn't realise you could swap the indicator lenses in the headlights. I'd assumed that they were all a sealed unit. Will have a look at this, thanks!
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