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KarlW11R50 4th October 2014 07:38 PM

Karl's totalBOSS Park Lane, and W11R50 track car build thread
So here it is - my lovely Park Lane. I picked it up yesterday. Low miles, single owner, full dealer history originally from my local dealer Sycamore BMW.

It has a fair bit of spec on it too which is nice:

Here's the spec of my new armchair.

Park Lane Cooper bits include
- Climate Control
- Funky 2 Spoke steering wheel
- 16" alloys (I think these are unique to the PL)
- Lounge Leather seats
- Loads of chrome
- Cool dashboard<

Other extras I've found so far...
- Cruise control
- Parking sensors
- Heated seats
- Xenon headlights with auto on
- Harman Kardon stereo
- 6CD changer
- Puddle lights
- Chrono pack

And this is the other car -

The reason for buying the PL is so that I have a new daily for while I do a nut and bolt rebuild on this one.

Which started out as a 2003 R50 Cooper with Chili Pack that I bought in Feb 2006 from Sycamore BMW in Peterborough.

Notable spec (can't be bothered to list everything) currently stands at

- Cooper S bumpers, bonnet, spoiler
- Cooper S engine conversion, air con delete, pulley, other bits
- Fidanza flywheel and FX400 clutch
- R56S brakes all round, Nitrac discs
- Alloy rear trailing arms, adjustable rARB, adjustable control arms, adjustable drop links
- Mixed coilovers
- Poly bushed everything
- Mostly stripped interior
- Stack gauges
- TD Pro Race 2 17x7 alloys, staggered offsets, direct fitment, 215/45/17 rubber
- Most parts have been altered in some way or other

The car shall be completely stripped to a shell and rebuilt as a track day toy. Target spec to follow. I shall be doing all the work myself except for paint and tuning.

Paul storey 4th October 2014 11:22 PM

Two cracking looking mins you have there :wh::wh::tl::tl:

KarlW11R50 5th October 2014 09:37 AM

Re: Karl's totalBOSS Park Lane, and W11R50 track car build thread
Thanks :)

I miss driving the blue one already as PL is sooo slow with soft suspension and terrible brakes. But it is very comfy and feels a bit posh inside hehe. It's a bit of a grandad car but I think it's classy :)

I need to get a couple of little bits replaced on the PL, like a bit of damaged arch trim etc but it's otherwise a tidy little motor. The dealer ows me a full valet so that will be happening on Thursday hopefully. I haven't even looked under the bonnet yet! I assume it has an engine in it... I'll get some pictures when it's all clean.

Going to go take a few bits off the blue one today. Got some LED bulbs in it and some Orsam Diadem bulbs that I want to put in the PL. I might also fit the tower plates from my M7 brace to it to act as anti mushrooming plates while I make my own.

Sportspack Mark 5th October 2014 07:04 PM

love a Park Lane! Nice spec!

Looking forward to following progress

Derfinn 6th October 2014 07:40 AM

Beautiful pair of MINIs.

I love the Park Lane too, in fact when I was speccing my Countryman, I was drawing on the Park Lane for inspiration.

The wheels first came out solely on the Park Lane, but were later available on the R56, I had them on my 2007 R56 Cooper.

KarlW11R50 7th October 2014 11:39 AM

Re: Karl's totalBOSS Park Lane, and W11R50 track car build thread
Thanks :)

I saw a very Park Lane looking Countryman the other day in Stamford. Looked lush.

KarlW11R50 7th October 2014 08:46 PM

Re: Karl's totalBOSS Park Lane, and W11R50 track car build thread
Fitted my Osram chrome indicator bulbs to the front and rear of the car now. I was well pleased when I noticed that the rear light clusters are the clear indicator version :) Looks better now.

Got a quote for the rear windows being tinted so I will get that done soon. I can't stand having un tinted windows - I feel like I have no privacy!

Still to do on PL

- Cooper badge needs to come off
- Parrot Bluetooth needs to be removed
- Get rid of the run flats, or possibly get 17s as I have some tyres on my S I could use
- Refurb wheels
- Find LED sidelights to match Xenon colour (4300k I think)

KarlW11R50 8th October 2014 10:53 AM

Re: Karl's totalBOSS Park Lane, and W11R50 track car build thread
Anyone know of a good shark fin aerial for the R50? I don't give a toss about reception as I cannot stand radio.

KarlW11R50 12th October 2014 06:10 PM

Re: Karl's totalBOSS Park Lane, and W11R50 track car build thread
Removed Parrot on Friday. Utterly nuts amount of wiring under there, plus I still need to remove another bit that I think is used to interrupt the speaker cables to feed the audio from the Parrot.

Also had the rear windows tinted. They look a lot better now. Still needs a wash and polish before I post some photos up. I just hate cleaning cars.

Also did some work on the blue car today. Removed the radiator, IC, stripped the MFE down etc and a few other bits. I'm bagging and labelling everything as I go so it takes me a little longer but it pays when you put stuff back together again after being in bits for a long time. Plus a lot of stuff will either not be refitted or will be heavily altered before it does.

Paul storey 12th October 2014 08:55 PM

Some ones being busy :wh::wh::tl::tl:

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