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Ant73 12th August 2017 07:50 AM

Lohen performance Pack N18 cooper S
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hi guys,
had my stunning 1 owner 14k miles Cooper S N18 for 2 weeks now but already got round to modding it. Had the Lohen Performance Pack 1 fitted today, cost 1050 including health check, dyno runs, graph, Map by manic with choice of stage 1A 1B or 1C. Airtec intercooler uprated spark plugs and ITG air filter plus fitting and VAT included.
The map is nice and smooth and very progressive with more pops and bangs in the sport mode. wheelspin not excessive or intrusive on the wet roads coming back due to the linear power delivery. Had many remaps before on different cars and found this to be the best by far, I am really pleased and this is my 1st mini.
Currently running in Stage 1B which equates to 238.2 HP at 6025 RPM and 346Nm /255lb/ft torque at 3460 RPM, with the hardware fitted but stock map it made 201.7 HP @6399 rpm and 274 NM at 4452 rpm.
You can choose which state of tune you want it left in or by a switch that plugs in to OBD to change map settings but I didn't bother as happy to leave it in mode B for everyday usuability. will be doing suspension mods, some custom as I know a guy who helped me before with car mods previously, will post up too once funds allow to get it all done


7head 13th August 2017 08:33 AM

Ah found your review of the tune.... I'm thinking of doing the same but having the switching unit they supply. Allows you to load 3 or 4 different tunes on the fly. I also have remapped pretty much everything I've owned so it's good to hear you rate the tune..... my wife drives ours daily so it will be good to run it in an eco mode for her and then switch it up when I drive it.
Thanks for posting...
Enjoy the car. :)

Ant73 13th August 2017 02:29 PM

many thanks 7head. my wife also drives this without probs as it's not a all or nothing map like some I have had in the past. The sps switch was 180 to alter maps on the fly but mode C 241,8bhp and 377NM torque as opposed to 346NM in mode B , so went for mode B as wasn't sure what the N18 Cooper S clutch and gearbox can cope with, but yes it is a great user friendly idea that you can even change back to standard at the flick of a switch if you need.

pilotwoo109 13th August 2017 06:21 PM

What did you think of Lohen's service? They are right by me but never used them.

Ant73 13th August 2017 09:07 PM

I was happy with the service, I was kept fully informed at each stage, the car was put back together properly and the mods are not noticeable at all from looking at the car and was good value I thought, for what you got. No problems with Lohen and would go back again.

pilotwoo109 13th August 2017 09:17 PM

Good to hear, thanks. Always look for alternatives to a main dealer!

Ant73 17th August 2017 10:08 AM

Review after 2 weeks on car
had this remap for a couple of weeks now, drove to London to work 130 miles away on 2 bars of fuel, aprox 50 mpg, taking out of sport mode makes the car even more driveable in everyday traffic and very docile and probably a better choice for wet damp roads although I still find it very linear in sports mode and have found it easy to modulate the throttle and adapt to the extra power, and the chassis as standard, although has the chili pack which gives the sport suspension option, copes really well and no issues with excessive wheelspin and I have not had any torque steer with this remap, but I have had the 4 wheel alignment done the day after, on hunter set up as being on the dyno had knocked out castor,camber and tow, due to the way the car is strapped down and pulled during dyno runs, an issue I have had to address before when having cars dyno'd as they are put under strain. This was only 75 to rectify at ETS tyres. Although I didn't have the alignment checked before it went on the dyno so could have been out anyway. I think this has helped traction and minimises wheelspin if everything in perfect alignment. I like the noise on over run with a few more pops and bangs and machine gun fire if lifting off after a few seconds of WOT.
It is great fun and very driveable and useable, even more so now, and will look to go to 200 cell cat andthen stage 2B eventually. To the best of my knowledge the Stage 1B that I nhave targets 1.4 bar and the stage 1C 1.5 bar, and as I want to maintain long term reliability stage 1B is best for me.

Jordan 17th August 2017 10:52 AM


Ant73 17th August 2017 11:08 AM

I don't plan to get any, I don't have any issues with the standard chilli pack sports suspension, it seems to handle really well, I just plan to fit eibach sway bars and get a custom made front strut brace that will be adjustable, as had this done before to a Volvo V70 T5 I had and it transformed the handling, this will be done in October. plus I live I notts and work in London so would rather have the comfort and refinement that the standard suspension gives, although I have never fitted coilovers to a car before so unsure what they are like for refinement/ride quality/comfort.

Jordan 17th August 2017 03:57 PM

Coilovers are the best options
It's not all about lows, and they can be set up better than any standard suspension can.
Adjust the rebound, damping. Height camber, it's the only way.
Also fitting the strut brace and rear arb will also compliment it .

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