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wlondoner 22nd February 2018 11:07 AM

Any idea what this could be? SOLVED!

As the video link above my F56 this morning sounded louder than normal (in the very cold weather) then at lunchtime the engine light came on. MINI can't see the car for at least ten days! Any idea what this could be by the sound? I know it's only going to give me a rough idea but would appreciate replys if known.
Seems to drive ok but sounds like a lorry when idle. Foot to the floor and no issues with that either. It is a Diesel but it's about 50% louder than normal with ticking noises.
2014 F56 Cooper D now out of warranty.
The EML light is orange.

Thanks in advance for the help

7head 22nd February 2018 05:27 PM

Is it a manual? How many miles?

Sounds like a DMF that failed on a previous car.

zf44 23rd February 2018 09:44 AM

The ticking noise could an issue with the injectors. I was going to say EGR valve problem on the idling noise but if accelerating is fine then I will rule that out.

wlondoner 23rd February 2018 11:06 AM

I was thinking injectors but didn't want to influence anyone's comment

BMW can't see it for weeks so going local to see what the issue is
and maybe get BMW to sort it depending on what it is and price etc

wlondoner 3rd March 2018 07:09 PM

Turns out it was the injector seals. MINI are paying for it.

Looking forward to getting the car back next week and may treat it to some
of the new Union Jack rear lights!

zf44 5th March 2018 09:12 PM

Good result that MINI are paying for it.

7head 7th March 2018 06:04 PM

Good news... amazing what a clatter the injectors make! Are they still hydraulic? I presume they are with that noise!

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