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Fuel Level issue
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Icon9 Fuel Level issue - 6th July 2017, 01:54 PM

Hi Guys, Fed up with this car, costing us a fortune, feel
with all the issues, over 1000 this year and counting, now the fuel sensor is at fault.

So tank states its full, drove 300 miles, still full, filled up, drove more and not going down.

Got into hidden menu, reset ECU and have disconnected battery. So it stated 40.1 l of fuel, so full, when to garage, put 11 liters in, stated 41 liters of fuel, when i shake the car the readings change, from 36-41 litres so some moment in the float at least.

Now, in the rear under the seat, i see the sender unit, i found one on eBay for 45, will this fix it or could they be a second sender unit.

The hidden menu under option 06. states 40.1 l 0 40 so 40 litres in one tank, 0 in the second making 40 i think it reads. On next option is states the resistance, think it was 600 or something, but to the right was ****, however i think this is for cars with two tanks ?

Is this making sense to anybody, basically the EGR went and cost 500 at BMW, then clutch along with other issues, broke down 5 times this year, now my wife dose not know how much fuel she has

PS ... people will ask why Mini garage, basically AA stated they dose not know why, there machines didn't show the fault why it wouldn't start, figured on they could find out the issue, waited 6 hrs for a tow to garage at 3am, that was the start of this, since this car hit 100k its just been a downwards hill.
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