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35,000 miles report
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Default 35,000 miles report - 27th January 2014, 05:21 PM

Now reached another milestone by covering 35k miles and fast approaching three years of ownership and we have to say it’s the best car we have ever owned: this is our 14th car after many years of driving and we tend to trade in our cars before they reach 30k miles but with trouble free motoring, excellent build quality and very good dealer support, we have decided to keep it until the finance ends in 2015.

Following on from our 25k miles report (click here), updates are,

Build quality – continues to drive along with no rattles or squeaks. There was a sunroof rattle that was caused by a loose cable which was covered by warranty.

Paint quality – the paint is so tough that it doesn’t easily chip and it hasn’t lost the shine since the day of purchase. Also, no colour mismatch against the plastic trims, such as the bumper, which some of our previous makes suffered from.

Tyres – we have the Goodyear Efficient Grip 225/45 r18 91V runflats. Runflats are essential for us with our local stretch of the motorway not having a hard shoulder and no complaints on the quality of the ride at all. Front tyres were replaced at 22k miles and the rears are still on the original and wearing very well. We took out MINI PROTECT tyre insurance for 220 for a full three year period to give us piece of mind against punctures or any other form of damage.

Oil consumption – hardly any oil consumed and recently carried out the oil change service as part of TLC.

Fuel Consumption – thanks to the appalling condition of our local country lanes (littered with potholes) and ‘kamikaze’ wildlife we have decided to always use the motorway route for our daily commute. With normal driving fuel consumption remains at around 50mpg in the colder months and up to 58 mpg in the summer.

Alloys – highly recommend the 18” turbo fan alloys, these are very easy to keep clean and neatly conceal the wheel nuts which are prone to rust.

Brakes – disappointed that both the front pads and discs had to be replaced at 25k miles (putting it down to be driven hard during its demo days) but currently wear indicator shows both front and back pad wear have well over 20k miles left.

Xenons – this is our first car with xenons (part of the vision pack with adaptive lights) and they are brilliant. Drove through a snow blizzard yesterday and I could easily see my surroundings. We will always opt for these on any car we purchase from now on.

Road Tax and Insurance – being a two wheel drive tax remains at 30 per year and insurance at 126 a year.

Recalls – the entire fuel line and power steering adapter.

Extended warranty and XTLC – now that we have decided to keep it beyond three years, we are in the process in purchasing extended warranty, the MINI scheme now provides a rolling cover of around 30 a month with breakdown cover. With XTLC comes to 275 for an additional three years and fully transferable to the new owner.

If you are considering buying a used CM, some faults to watch out on model years 2010 to 2012 (these are the models which don't have the window switches on the door),

- Heavy clutch wear on ALL4 models. All ALL4s built from November 2012 have a more durable clutch assembly.
- Power hesitation on Cooper S models.
- Chrome has a tendency to peel on the belt line.
- Rusty components, especially, surface rust on the water pump.
- Reading lights have a mind of their own by switching on when the car is locked.
- Corrosion on ‘two tone’ alloys.

2013/13 Mini Roadster 2.0 Cooper SD.
2016/16 Mini Countryman 2.0 Cooper SD All4.

2013/13 Mini Countryman 2.0 Cooper SD All4.

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2011/11 Mini Countryman 1.6 Cooper D 2WD.

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