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Board FAQ
Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

totalMINI Site Guidelines


It is requested that all members observe the 'respect one another' attitude. Name calling, personal insults or threatening other members will not be tolerated on this forum.


The only commercial advertising allowed on totalMINI is that of the site sponsors. The sponsors have free reign to post their products in a specific forum if applicable, or in their individual sub forums.

Users may post a review of a product they have had fitted by a non-sponsoring company, or they may post a question on the forums regarding a product from a non-sponsoring company. Promotional or sales type posts will be removed. Users may not post contact details (telephone numbers or email addresses) unless they are specifically asked for.

Where a question is being asked by a member, non-sponsors services should not be publicly advertised if there is a totalMINI sponsor able to fulfil the service requested within a reasonable geographical distance.

In addition, signatures should not be used for promoting any commercial activity unless the member is a site sponsor.

For details on how to become a site sponsor, please contact us:


totalMINI does not permit the promotion of commercial events (by commercial we mean profit making) on the forum board. Organisers are welcome to approach totalMINI with regard to becoming a sponsor, and if their application is accepted, they can only then promote their commercial event

Events which charge an entry fee to cover costs are permitted, as are events which raise money for charity, providing it's clearly stated where the funds are being donated to.


When a member wishes to arrange a group buy on the forum, first refusal on supplying goods for the group buy should be given to the totalMINI Site Sponsors. Site Sponsors pay to keep the site running, so this is only fair to them. Members should send a PM to the sponsor, or post in the appropriate sponsors forum to invite them to supply the goods for your group buy

In the unlikely event that no site sponsors are able to supply the goods in question, members may post up a group buy using an external supplier. This should only happen though after reasonable attempts have been made to offer the business to a Site Sponsor. Members should contact the site admin by emailing prior to posting a group buy using a non-sponsoring company to have it authorised.

The site moderators reserve the right to remove (without notice) any group buy which does not comply with the above.


Users are permitted to post images within their posts, up to a limit of five images per post. Please keep images below the 800x600 size to avoid stretching the forum skin. If you wish to post six or more images, please use clickable thumbnails to limit bandwidth. Please do not submit multiple posts of five images to avoid this rule.


Please keep all for sale and wanted posts to the 'MINI Classifieds' Forum. Ensure your thread title within the forum is informative (i.e. WANTED: MINI Aero Kit Front Bumper - Hyper Blue). Ensuring your thread title is informative will help your target market.

For sale posts must contain the following information: 1. Descriptive Title, 2. Item Description, 3. Item Location, 4. Asking Price. Any for sale posts that do not contain these four key points are likely to be removed.

Non-sponsoring vendors are not permitted to start threads within the 'MINI Classifieds' forum advertising their wares. The only commercial advertisements permitted on totalMINI are those of the site sponsors.


All members, sponsors, moderators and admin staff are requested to observe the following site guidelines:

  1. Do not submit duplicate posts in different forums
  2. Do not include any text talk within your posts. It can be confusing/rude for our overseas members.
  3. Do not attempt to bypass the swear filter - it is there for a reason.
  4. Do not interrupt technical or question threads with banter/conversation which takes the thread off topic.
  5. Please always use the search function before posting a new topic to avoid multiple threads containing the same information.
  6. Please do not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.
  7. totalMINI does not condone speeding, street racing or other illegal driving activities - please do not discuss them on the forum
  8. totalMINI uses thread tags to improve search engine rankings, any obscene, off-topic, offensive, or threatening tags will be removed without notice


Signatures on totalMINI are limited to three lines. Members have the option for their signature to include either three lines of text, or a signature image and two lines of text. The {sigpic}{/sigpic} entry counts as one line, as do blank lines. This has been put in place to prevent 'overcrowding' when in forum view.


Custom user titles and signatures are an extended part of your posts, and are therefore subject to the same guidelines.


As much as we dislike it, sometimes the totalMINI team may impose a ban upon a member if their behaviour falls outside of the above guidelines. The reason for the ban will be shown to the banned member through the forum software, and can be viewed by other members in the Banned Members Log (available from the 'quick links' menu above).

totalMINI will not discuss the nature or reasoning behind the ban with anyone other than the banned member directly.

During the ban period, members should not re-register using a different name or attempt to access the forum by any means. Doing so may result in your ban duration being extended.

totalMINI Site Policies

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