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Mavrick 3rd March 2018 10:19 PM

Sheared bolt.
Hi folks, need help and some advice please.

So had the dreaded rattle in the back and decided to change the droplinks to see if it would go away. Obviously that wasn't it lol. So guessing it's the anti roll bar bushes, got on with it. Jacked the car up and put axil stands in place to let the back end hang. With the wheels of and a good torch I was well on the way. Fiddly but ok to get to, so passengers rear done and now on to the drivers side. Then as usual as I was teasing the inner bolt loose, disaster. The bolt sheared of from the top. Oh man my heart fell through my boots.

Sorry for the story but I wanted you to see what I mean. Anyway my question is, is it possible to drill it from the bottom and use an extractor set to unscrew the bolt out from the bottom. I was told from BMW Edinburgh that there is a captured nut up inside. Just wondering if it's still possible. Looked on the forum before posting but couldn't find anything. Sorry if the question has been asked before. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

zf44 5th March 2018 09:11 PM

Welcome to tM. These bolts badly rust, did you manage to fix it? Itís always the easy jobs as shown below which sometimes take the longest to sort out!

Mavrick 7th March 2018 09:25 AM

Hi zf44, not had the chance to get under cause of the rotten snow lol. But hopefully someone that has a ramp is going to fix it for a small fee. I have all the bits for the job but I don't really fancy lying underneath the countryman with small weedy axil stands holding it up lol. Plus I wouldn't think there's a lot of room to start drilling out the rest of the bolt. I will gladly pay £20 for someone else to do the job for me.

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