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JimmyJCW 16th June 2013 06:07 PM

My Roadster is pi**ing me off
Before the site crashed, I posted a little write up of how I was getting on with my roadster after owning it for 6 months.

At the time, it had had a replacement water pump as it seemed to be squealing a lot at idle.

I'll afford any car a bit of slack when it comes to teething problems. After all, they're complex mechanical and electrical items and as long as the warranty pick up any of the work that needs doing then I'm happy.

Whats more, the car is so electrifying to drive that for a time at least, it could do no wrong.

Well the honey moon period is over. It will be a year old in he coming weeks and to date:

3 new water pumps (including a redesigned, metal cased one that was supposed to eliminate the problem)
replacement MF wheel buttons
stiff door handles
peeling vinyl on the colour line
stutters in power delivery (coking)
Faulty power fold door mirrors

Now this may seem a bit petty... but it's the water pump that's ****ing me off. despite having this re-designed part fitted, it's started squealing yet again.

To add to this, the AirCon now seems to have failed. Really starting to take the edge off what fundamentally is a great little car. :wall:

Lytesben 16th June 2013 06:10 PM

I saw on FB you were having some problems Elliot. That really is not good at all. Like you say you might give it some leeway in regards to teething problems but that really is taking the proverbial!

Hope it gets sorted and you fall back in love again :tl:

KillerByte 16th June 2013 07:40 PM

Re: My Roadster is pi**ing me off
Sorry to hear you're having problems, especially on a car so young like yours.

With regards to the water pump, mine has had a squealing noise for months but the dealer doesn't think there is an issue. Even when the thermostat housing was replaced last month (to resolve coolant loss), they said the water pump was fine.

Hope you manage to get yours sorted soon.

davyboy 16th June 2013 08:10 PM

Feeling your pain!

Been there with my first clubbie, hopefully they sort yours ASAP ......

Lorri 16th June 2013 08:58 PM

That's a real shame Ell on such a lovely car :( I hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment too much!

JimmyJCW 16th June 2013 10:40 PM

We'll see. It's more the embarrassment than anything. It's a 30k MINI that sounds like its got a fan belt issue when you start it up.... just annoying. Gonna take it back for a fourth time.

JohnnyC 17th June 2013 12:11 AM

I feel your pain.

Although my Mini has been totally reliable so far (it's 8 years old now, owned it for 9 months), after working on it I've found parts of the car are just very badly designed. If I can see obvious flaws, why can't the engineers who designed it?

BMW should be ashamed of themselves with the MANY faults that have plagued Mini owners, a 'premium' manufacture they certainly are not.

I for one, will not be buying a Mini or BMW ever again in the future.

Most new cars have teething troubles, here's a list of all the problems I've had with the 3 brand new cars I've owned...
1st car - Decal came off - replaced, alarm too sensitive - adjusted.
2nd car - Alarm too sensitive - adjusted.
3rd car - Alarm too sensitive - adjusted.

That is all.
All cars were Toyotas, you know, that common Japanese manufacturer, not a 'premium' brand at all :happyyes:

Streeters 17th June 2013 01:02 AM

It's a shame you've had these issues Elliot .

There never seems to be that many roadster owners abut to get a decent overview of any common issues. I guess that's a peril of owning a niche car.

We've had no major issues with ours in all honesty, apart from the fact that the bootlid appears to be out of alignment slightly and we've now got a small bit of bare metal where the hinge has been rubbing inside and a line on the bumper where the bottom edge of the bootlid obviously rubs. This will no doubt be under warranty when Mrs S gets her Jacksy down the dealers or leaves it at home one day for me to do it.

I think I'd be really hacked off with your problems that seem to re-occur

cheekymini 17th June 2013 11:20 AM

I would go back to the dealer and demand a new car, this seems as if there is more of a problem than just the water pump... When I sold cars for honda, we had a customer come back in after a few months with a paint problem on the inner door frame. He managed to get a brand new replacement. He kicked up such a stink with trading standards he won!

The paint was not thick enough and it could have been fixed but the customer was right in saying it should have been seem at quality control.

Madpig 17th June 2013 11:42 AM

I reckon you would either have to be either extremely lucky or have a very serious fault to get a replacement vehicle after a year.......

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